Finally The Body I Wanted

Finally The Body I Wanted

“I initially lost weight by cutting out junk food, joining the gym and getting a Trainer.

But it was coach Kevin and the Crossfit Majestic Warrior program that finally gave me the body I wanted.”

Krista Stockerl




Nicoles Weight Loss Journey

Majestic Warrior Fitness has a really great programs thats very challenging and difficult at times.  I started my fitness journey weighing 310 lbs with  a host of physical health issues. I managed to loose  70 lbs.  on my own before hitting a plateau.   When I met with kevin he seemed very excited that his program was just the thing I needed.  Since coming to Majestic Warrior I’m proud to say I’m down another 65 Lbs and 15 lbs from my goal weight of 155 lbs.  Thanks to Kevin his coaching and constant pushing, feel like I can do anything I set my mind to do.

Thanks Coach Kev


Paterson Fire Fighter uses Majestic Warrior Fitness to stay in shape


I walked into Majestic Warrior Fitness almost 2 years ago looking to get away from the the traditional boring repetitive isolation movements.  I was looking for something that would give me strength and cardiovascular endurance to keep me in shape to do my job as a Fireman. Majestic Warrior Fitness  was it. Majestic Warrior Fitness brings a challenge to your workout everyday you walk in. I started out being one of the last to finish the WODS and now I’m one of the first finish.

I’ve lifted weights for 15 years and now I can say after doing the Majestic Warrior Fitness program, I’m in the best shape of my life. Having an experienced coach such as Pops (Kevin) has made all the difference in my progress.

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