Getting Started

Your first class is FREE
Call us at 201-446-4563 and set up a trial session.

If you have previous workout experience, you can join one of our regularly scheduled WOD’s. If you are new to new to fitness, just let us know and we’ll arrange for you to come in for a demo session.

No special session required. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule you in!
(Join Our Starter Series OR take a Fitness Assessment)
Our Starter Series is three sessions designed to teach you the basic Functional movements, and experience sample ¬†workouts. These are required for all new members and a great way to gain some experience with what we do, as well as ensure your safety once you begin jumping in on WOD’s

Starter Series sessions run as follows:
Session 1: Saturday morning at 11:00am
Session 2: Sunday morning  at 11:00am
Session 3: Tuesday evening at 8:30pm

The cost is $199, and includes your first month . To get started, give us a call: 201-446-4563.

Already do workout?
Awesome! “Get To Work”.

Time To Get Rollin’

Once you’ve completed the Starter Series (or, bypass due to experience), it’s time to start getting in on the WOD’s.

Once you’ve completed your assessment, it’s time to start getting with group sessions.

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