Warrior WOD

More Info About Majestic Warrior Fitness
We are run a strength and conditioning program that is suitable for many professions such as police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide. Participants can experience an intense training method for vastly improving strength and conditioning levels using a wide range of functional fitness methods. Participants can expect to feel their strength, stamina, power, balance, coordination, endurance, and focus tested using exercises taken from Olympic lifting, gymnastics, athletics, and amped up day-to-day movements such as jumping, throwing, running, squatting, twisting, pushing, and pulling.

Our programs are designed to be scalable, meaning it may be used by young and old, fitness beginners to the most elite Olympic athletes. The same training methods are adjusted for each individual by scaling load and intensity; not changing programs. It is a test of each individual’s fitness level, with the added energy and motivation of the group workout environment.

Who Should Participate in our Fitness Program
Any individual new to fitness or the seasoned athlete will benefit. Because the programs are adjusted based on your physical ability and fitness level, our instructors will scale workouts and exercises or make training recommendations before participating in our program.



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